Facelift Dentures

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Facelift Dentures

Incorporating neuromuscular dentistry, facelift dentures result in an optimal fit and younger look. By maintaining maximum muscle relaxation and function, facelift dentures also grant patients the ability to eat normally. These are only a few benefits of selecting facelift dentures over traditional dentures.

Creating Your Facelift Dentures

  • The process begins with determining what positions of the mouth will most benefit from the positioning of the new dentures. These measurements are taken to attain the most customized fit.
  • Direct stimulation is applied to the alveolar bone (one of three structures that support the tooth), resulting in maintained shape and function of the jawbones. Non-facelift dentures do not utilize this, leading to multiple repairs, additional adhesive or full denture replacements.
  • The end result is a comfortable fit and years off your appearance!

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